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Agrolab carried out monitoring of autumn crops


Monitoring was carried out in the fields of Azersheker company by specialists of our laboratory. Monitoring was carried out in order to detect potentially dangerous diseases in winter wheat and barley plants at their current stage of development. In some of our fields, the grains are still in the germination phase, and in some of our fields, the bushing phase has already begun. Phosphorus deficiency was observed in a small part of our fields due to cold weather conditions. The red-purple color characteristic of phosphorus deficiency is observed in the leaves. In addition, Fusarium root rot, which is one of the main problems specific to this development period, was not detected. Grain sprouts infected with this disease sometimes die before reaching the soil surface. Blackening is observed in the first and second-order roots and root throat of infected sprouts, the leaves turn yellow, the stem becomes thin and the development lags behind. Such plants perish quickly because they have a bad winter.


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